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10 months ago

I’ve been using TeamViewer for a while now, and something I completely missed is that they have an API that you can utilize with PowerShell.

So, the purpose of this post is to show you how to identify old devices in TeamViewer that can be deleted.

Since we began migrating our computers to Device Groups, I can no longer see the last online time of a computer in the GUI.

To address this, I reached out to TeamViewer support, who directed me to their GitHub page.

However, they informed me that they do not provide support for their own scripts, and I quickly realized that what I was searching for wasn’t available.

TeamViewer Github: api-example-scripts/Remove-TeamViewerOutdatedDeviceV2 at master · teamviewer/api-example-scripts (

I borrowed some commands from their scripts and created my own script, which only displays offline devices and their last online times; the script does not delete any devices.

You can find my script on my GitHub page: PowerShell/Get-TeamViewerOfflineDevices.ps1 at master · SebMcCayen/PowerShell (


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