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7 months ago

When you use the ”Find” feature in Active Directory you might have experienced that Attribute Editor does not show up as an alternative on the object. This is usually resolved by not searching to begin with and instead clicking your way through the more or less infinite amount of OU:s in your domain, which sometimes can be a bit tedious.

To start out, keep in mind that to be able to see Attribute Editor to begin with you got to have Advanced Features ticked as per below:

There is however a workaround for this issue, the instructions are as follows:

  1. Right click your domain and press ”Find…”
  2. Search for the object in question and open it
  3. Go to the ”Member Of” tab
  4. Open a group of choice, it doesn’t matter which one it is
  5. Go to the Members tab in the group properties
  6. Close the previous tab with the user properties
  7. Open the user again through the group properties tab.

See below screenshot for visual reference:

After this you should be able to view Attribute Editor in the user properties without digging through a bunch of OU:s.

Hopefully this is of help for someone that found frustration in this just like me!

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