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2 years ago

To be able to scale has never been this important, when the load is situated in the cloud the cost savings is substantial and to be perfectly honest, its about time we use what we need, not more, not less, just the right amount!

When facing important questions like carbon footprint and what you can do about it, its really really hard and expensive if you have your own Datacenter. Fortunately Microsoft (among others) have set the bar really high in making a  a positive change for the environment, witch make the change to Cloud easier than ever. But for this to be a reality for you, it needs to be cost effective and worth your while.

At Xenit we have built a Service based on moving your workplace to the cloud called Virtual Workspace, where we, at Xenit, take care of the infrastructure, making sure it’s up to date, keep it Secured and at the same time user-friendly for the end-users. This is possible due to the uniquely high competence in this specific area, and this is our way to best utilize our knowledge!

My series of blogposts will have bits and pieces from this service, I hope  you find them helpful!

Part 1 (Load-based & Logon-storm)
Part 2 (Dynamic Session Timeout)
Part 3 (WEM) Comming soon

Citrix Autoscale

This is part 2 in my series and this tip is to avoid having unused targets running in the Cloud, lets dive in!

Tip 2: Dynamic Session Timeout

One important aspect when scaling is to not affect the users experience too much,  and 2 specific settings have an important role here.

Terminal Service GPO

In all these multiuser environments we have 2 settings that we always set, historically because we would like to reboot the targets for various resons like a reboot solves everything, new settings, application uppdates etc.

Idle  Session timeout This setting specify how long an users can be idle before the are disconnected, they are still logged on the the server, but the connection from the client is cut.
Time limit for the disconnected session – How long a users need to be disconnected before they are logged of.

This settings has in our experience always been important for the users to be able to retain their session through out the workday. This is going to be problematic when we want to scale down the servers as soon they don’t use the environment. The result is often at the cost of the user experience, for example a user that retain their session all day, is going to be logged off late at the night. This has been an issue for some time now, but earlier this year there was an update to Citrix Cloud i just love.

Dynamic session Timeout

Now you can specify those 2 values depending on your Peak times. Now you can make sure your environment scale down when its no longer used, making sure you scale efficiently while keeping your users happy!


I hope this has been helpful and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or thoughts. Since your time is valuable, and you may not have time to figure out how to migrate to the cloud, take a look at our services.

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