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2 years ago

This article will be less of the technical goodies that I use to post about.

Instead I will tell you more about different MEM sources that is good to know about!

I’m fairly new in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager community, at least if you compare to some of the veterans in this area.

That’s why I want to help as many as possible to get in contact with each other, and help each other out with their daily work within the MEM area. A site with some great content for everyone that work with endpoints can be found at MSEndpointMgr. This site is ran by several highly skilled people and also some MVP’s!

Hold on a minute, what is an MVP?

Microsoft has a title called Most Valuable Professional that is given to people that is highly skilled and contribute to the community in their respective area within the Microsoft products/services. As an example I’m honoured to be working with a MVP myself at Xenit, Philip Laine. He has been great at contributing to the Open Source-community but withing products and services that in some way is connected to Microsoft. With that said there are different roads to become an MVP.

Some other good site to acknowledge is Microsoft new Feedback Portal (earlier this was called User Voice).

Feedback Portal is another great site to look at when you find an issue and want to raise your voice about it. It gives Microsoft a way to acknowledge the biggest issues we as administrators notice. Without this feedback from us administrators Microsoft can’t make their products and services better. That’s why you should actually raise your voice when you notice a problem and not just let it be.

Last but not least, MEM Insiders is a site where you can connect with other interested in the same products and services as yourself. You also have the chance to sign up for upcoming events.

If you’re still lost in the Google-jungle on where to find any specific information regarding MEM specific things don’t hesitate to add me on LinkedIn as I would love to connect to other people interested in the same area as myself! You can find me here: Sebastian Stegrin at LinkedIn

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Rebecca says

Thank you for sharing Sebastian, I always learn something new when I read your posts!

Sebastian Stegrin says

I'm happy to hear that as I try to educate others with the information that I have gathered from my work! :)

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