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2 years ago

Today I renewed an Apple MDM Push Certificate inside MEM (Intune) and would like to share with you on how to do it step by step.

Microsoft have a great article that describes how to create a certificate and the process to renew it isn’t too far away.

  1. Since you already configured a Apple MDM Push certificate you probably have received an email looking like this.
  2. Start by logging in to MEM (Intune) and go to Devices > iOS/iPadOS > iOS/iPadOS enrollment > Apple MDM Push Certificate
  3. This is where the magic happens, from here you can  see the status and days until expiration.
  4. Press Download your CSR. This will download a file that we will upload to the Apple portal soon.
  5. Now press the link Create your MDM push Certificate. This will take you to the Apple certificate portal.
  6. Press Renew in the Apple Certificate Portal.
  7. Choose the IntuneCSR.csr-file that you downloaded in the previous step and press Upload.
  8. You will now be presented with a confirmation and a button to download your certificate., go on and download it.
  9. Now go back to MEM (Intune) and enter your Apple ID-mail address, upload the certificate that you downloaded from the Apple Certificate Portal and press Upload.
  10. You should now see a status that says Active and 365 days until the certificate expire.


If you have any further questions about this article please feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or contact Xenit directly.

You may also leave a comment below if this was to any help.

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