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2 years ago


To be able to monitor the behavior of your users can often be an expensive endeavor, and sometimes you just want to know that one thing that matters to you. I feel that, maybe especially, in a multiuser environment (when users is in a desktop mode), it’s really useful to monitor how much and what application is used.

It helps me prioritize, and easier get a picture on how big impact and problem can have. Sometimes the ”loudest” users tend to skew the actual picture.

Another use case is to see the actual usage of the apps installed in the desktop, if for example 80 % use Adobe you can update that application more frequently or change the default application associated to pdf to Adobe if that’s not the case. Or the other way around, what if you have an important application but you see that very few are using it in the Multiuser environment, changing from local client where its  also avaible and the Desktop environment, this are users that probably isn’t very fond the Desktop, but does not say anything because they have found a ”work-around”, here we have an opportunity to improve the experience before it gets out of hand.


Go to the Server/desktop you would like to see the statistics and use this little Powershell line:


Applocker activated


#Get Applocker statistics about started applications
Get-AppLockerFileInformation -EventLog -Statistics | Out-GridView


Applocker statistics


Here you can see every application that has been run and how many times they have been started, this is an extremely easy way to identify the most important application for the users and how to perhaps change the environment to improve the experience of that app or make an priority based on the actual impact rather than upset, but few users.


I hope this was helpful for you and don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below!

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