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2 years ago

Some time ago I tried to manage the settings in the Jabra Direct application, like turning off the notifications and set the preferred softphone to Microsoft Teams. While messing around with a configuration file that I published to all computers, I found out that Jabra actually have a free software called Jabra Xpress that support mass deployments and headset management.

This is Jabra’s official description of Xpress taken from their User Manual which can be found in the bottom of this article.

Jabra Xpress is a collection of tools that helps IT administrators quickly and easily manage Jabra headsets
throughout an organisation.

Jabra Xpress have the following features that I was missing with their normal .exe installation:

  • Create your own package settings and receive a custom .msi-file that you can deploy, for example in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune).
    • Available for both Windows and macOS
  • Analytics for malfunctioning microphones
  • Inventory of devices
  • Monitor and manage firmware of all devices

I packaged the custom .msi-file with PSAppDeployToolkit which is a awesome toolkit when managing applications.

Microsoft-Win32-Content-Prep-Tool will then help you convert the application to .intunewin that is required by Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

To read the official documentation regarding Jabra Xpress please have a look here:


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