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4 years ago

I encountered an issue with Teams recently that had me quite puzzled. When sharing my screen, either directly with another person or through meetings in Teams I could not give permissions to share control, it was grayed out like the image below:

I first thought this was because the users I shared my screen with was outside of my organization and that we had denied this in our policy. However when I asked about it I learned that we do not deny this, we allow it! A bit puzzled I started investigate the issue and I discovered when hovering over the grayed out ”Give Control” button it displayed a tiny message explaining why this is happening:

Your hardware acceleration is disabled which is preventing you to share control with your viewers.

Then I found a setting in Teams that explicitly disable hardware acceleration:

After ticking out that box it worked as expected. I found it annoying to say the least about this so called ”issue” I had for weeks and it was entirely preventable if the reason was more visible, it was also hard to find anything useful on google.
I could not find any way to centrally manage this setting, the ADMX-Template did not have anything useful (at all) and the Admin Central don’t seem to have these kind of features, so you need to change this your self and be aware of this if you are in the IT department and users starts to complain.
I hope this post has been informative and I that it helped you as it would me (if existed). Please feel free to add a comment below if you have any questions or thoughts!

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