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4 years ago

As I wrote in my blogpost back in March, phishing is an attack concept where an attacker usually contacts a victim pretending to be from a trustworthy source to get information that they shouldn’t have gotten if they used their real identity. When an attacker targets specific individuals or groups within an organization the phishing method is called spear phishing. It is very common to spread malicious files with help from phishing emails.
During Microsoft Ignite a new great feature for Office 365 ProPlus was presented. This new feature which is called Application Guard will help users by not opening untrusted and potential malicious attachments on their computers. It is done by opening all untrusted office files within a virtualized container which means that if the document is malicious it will just affect that virtualized container and not the user’s machine. If the user marks a document as trusted a check against Microsoft Defender ATP threat cloud will be triggered before it will be released.
O365 Application Guard
Application Guard for O365 is in limited preview right now and we will hopefully see it rolled out in 2020.

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