FSLogix is finally available at Microsoft!

för 1 år sedan | Jonas Agblad

Finally! The FSLogix agent has been released from Microsoft and can be downloaded here. This is great news, the new agent does not require a license so if your license is about to end, or you simply would like to implement the technology you are now able to! Documentation… Read More

XenServer 5.x/6.x – Update expired license

för 1 år sedan | Viktor Glinski

INFORMATION If you are currently running a legacy Citrix Xenserver 5.x/6.x with a free license, be aware that you cannot renew the license by requesting a new license the old way. Trying to request a license from http://deliver.citrix.com/go/citrix/xenserver_activation you will be presented with the following statement and unable to… Read More

Java SE license change – How does it affect me and my organization?

för 1 år sedan | Oliwer Sjöberg

Under 2018 Oracle released some big and important news regarding the future of Java SE. The big news is that Java SE requires a payed subscription in order to update the software, this change came into effect on the first on January 2019. In this article I’ll try to… Read More

FSLogix and Microsoft – When and How!

för 1 år sedan | Jonas Agblad

Since Microsoft acquired FSLogix in November there has been some uncertainty regarding licenses and most importantly when it will be available through Microsoft. Ever since Microsoft acquired FSLogix there has not been much information about whats happening. We know Microsoft had their eyes on Office 365 container solution and… Read More

Windows 10 Subscription Activation for Hybrid Azure AD Joined devices

för 3 år sedan | Tobias Sandberg

In a migration phase to Windows 10 we wanted to be able to benefit from the fairly new Windows 10 Subscription Activation method for the existing environment. One of the requirements for us was that we could do this with Hybrid Azure AD Joined devices. With this post I will… Read More