Troubleshoot TPM issues

för 1 år sedan | Sebastian Stegrin

The TPM-chip plays a bigger role today when devices need to be more secure. TPM is a small chip on the motherboard that stores RSA encryption keys, these keys are specific to your hardware. During the last year I've noticed 2 different types of errors regarding the TPM-chip and that's why I'm going to describe how I solved them. Read More

Microsoft Access Driver Query is corrupt

för 1 år sedan | Hanessa Milaszewski

INTRODUCTION Today I was involved in a particular incident where Windows Updates did its thing and broke something. This time it involved an update for Access, a database program provided by Microsoft, causing specific queries to output that they are corrupt. Due to its unclear nature at first, I thought I would write a quick blog post and hopefully spare other system administrators from at least some amount of head scratching. Read More

Basic Troubleshooting in Windows 10

för 1 år sedan | Sebastian Stegrin

In my role I receive a lot of incidents that needs to be solved. My mission is firstly to restore the service back to normal. Once the service is back to normal we can look at making any further changes so that the incident won't happen again. In this post I will focus my troubleshooting on the operating system Windows 10 and how I solve most of my cases. This is mostly focused on first line cases and pretty basic troubleshooting. Windows 10 is an operating system used in most enterprise environments that is widely known around the world. There are several different ways to troubleshoot in Windows, so lets start to list some of the basic tools you might want to use while troubleshoot. Read More

Chrome tabs hang or crash with white screen

för 1 år sedan | Gus Johansson

EDIT/UPDATE: The case seems to be resolved: Today we experienced major problems with the application Google Chrome in multi-user environments such as Citrix XenDesktop 7 (according to community forum IT-administrators are seeing this in many different types of environments, RDS, XenApp, XenDesktop, with different hypervisors, different… Read More

ADFS Claims depending on multiple conditions such as group membership and password expiry

för 1 år sedan | Tobias Sandberg

In this post I will quickly demonstrate how to achieve a ADFS Claims depending on two different conditions. This specific case is about the password expiry claims that we only want to show for users that are member in a specific Active Directory group. First we… Read More

Netscaler – Configure Kerberos Authentication + LDAP Group/Attribute Extraction to achieve SSO for internal users

för 1 år sedan | Rasmus Kindberg

SSO to Netscaler hosted web services for internal users: A request we receive from time to time from our Netscaler customers is that they would prefer internal users (users connected to the company’s LAN/Wifi or through VPN) to automatically get SSO when they browse to a load… Read More

Powershell in the Cloud – Part 2 – Azure Function App – Creating HTTP APIs with Powershell

för 2 år sedan | Vikingur Saemundsson

This is the second post of the Powershell in the Cloud series, and will focus on executing Powershell code from Azure Function App. If you haven’t read part 1, I highly recommend it as we will be referencing to it PART 1 – Azure Automation – Managing your Infrastructure… Read More

Powershell in the Cloud – Part 1 – Azure Automation – Managing your Infrastructure from the Cloud

för 2 år sedan | Vikingur Saemundsson

I recently held a talk about Powershell in the Cloud in Powershell User Group Sweden, this 3 part series is an attempt to refine and expand on that talk. The series will focus on the functionality rather than the code behind it as I want the content to be accessible… Read More

How to handle multiple spreadsheets from Excel in Powershell

för 2 år sedan | Johan Nilsson

Background Most of us working with Powershell has encountered imports and exports of a CSV-file in Powershell, and most of the times this works seamlessly. This is because the Import-CSV function is a great way to get the single Excel sheet imported in to Powershell. However, I got a… Read More

ClickOnce application suddenly blocked by AppLocker Group Policy

för 2 år sedan | Hanessa Milaszewski

INTRODUCTION With the release of the Windows 7 and corresponding server operating system, the AppLocker technology has become a quintessential tool for system administrators to utilize. Thanks to it, administrators can restrict or allow end-users to run certain applications based on its publisher value, file path or even its unique file hash, all within an On-premise Domain-wide level. In other words, it is a given implementation within an enterprise environment to further defend itself from the many and various threats that can stem from executing suspicious programs. In this post however, I would like to share an isolated issue in which an already known application was suddenly blocked by an AppLocker Group Policy and how it being a ClickOnce executable required some creative thinking right on the spot. Read More