How to verify that your devices are ready for Windows 11

för 2 månader sedan | Sebastian Stegrin

Since Windows 11 is getting closer and closer, it’s time for companies to prepare for the upgrade. Sometimes companies believe that it’s still far away in the future and therefore they do not need to take any action yet. But if you start to prepare the hardware right now, there will be one less thing to take care of in the upcoming migration. Microsoft recently announced new capabilities in Endpoint Analytics that give IT departments the tools they need in getting their devices ready for Windows 11. Endpoint Analytics is a very helpful Report and Remediation-tool in Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Read More

How to configure a scheduled task in Windows by using Task Scheduler

för 9 månader sedan | Sebastian Stegrin

There are many useful things that you can do in Task Scheduler inside Windows, but how do you actually configure it? I will try to guide you through it if this is your first time using it.   Task Scheduler is the perfect application to use when you want the computer to make things for you. With that said you often configure something one time and then it will take care of itself, more or less. Try to see this as a time saver, or a nice colleague that does these boring tasks for you, but you have to give the instructions. I will use one of the most used tasks as an example down below, and that will be to restart a computer a specific time once per week. Read More

PowerToys – It has the tools you didn’t know you needed

för 11 månader sedan | Sebastian Stegrin

Microsoft PowerToys is a set of tools made for Windows that aren't built-in from scratch. All of my blog posts has a reason behind it and this case isn't any different. At my work computer I have 3 displays, on one of them I always have the same applications in the exact same position. The annoying thing is that every time I restart my computer I have to re-organize the applications again. That's why I'm happy when PowerToys was announced because this application solved the issue for me, and also some other things that I didn't even know was an issue before. Read More

How to deploy applications to windows using Microsoft Endpoint Manager

för 11 månader sedan | xenit

Hi there & welcome, In this post I will describe how to deploy an application using Microsoft Endpoint Manager, formerly known as Intune on a very basic level. Endpoint Manager is the cloud version of System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and is widely used by many… Read More

Running Linux inside Windows 10 with Visual Studio Code

för 1 år sedan | Stina Perbo

Like most of the users in the world, I’m running a Managed Window 10 client, we enforce many polices such as applocker and more to enforce policies. This can sometimes be an problem when working with developer tools. Due to this problem businesses often look the other way when it… Read More

Invoking commands on remote machines – FAST

för 1 år sedan | Vikingur Saemundsson

Invoking commands remotely on machines is something we must do from time to time, in many scenarios speed is a critical factor as the remote command could be in response to anything from a incident to security breach. Speed combined with large environments in the cloud with many clients/servers deallocated… Read More

Office365 ProPlus + Google Chrome = Bing

för 1 år sedan | Robert Skyllberg

Starting February Microsoft will include an extension in Office365 ProPlus for Microsoft Search in Bing, which among other changes, will change your default search engine in Google Chrome to Bing. Microsoft released the table below as their tentative schedule for the different Office365 ProPlus update channels. However, this might… Read More

Export users registry settings from NTUSER.DAT

för 1 år sedan | Linus Lysell

In users profile folder, you find a hidden file called NTUSER.DAT. This file contains the users registry settings/values and for example it can be useful when you need to get registry settings from a corrupt profile. NTUSER.DAT will be found in the users profile folder (by default: C:\Users\% UserProfile%). Read More

Profilhantering i Windows Virtual Desktop

för 1 år sedan | Jan Frick

Hantering av användarprofiler är en viktig del i alla VDI miljöer och detsamma gäller även för Windows Virtual desktop (WVD). Med WVD så går Microsoft ifrån sin User Profile Disks (UPD) lösning som användes i RDS. Det rekommenderade sättet att hantera profiler för WVD är nu att använda sig av… Read More

På gång med Windows Virtual Desktop

för 1 år sedan | Jan Frick

Windows Virtual Desktop har nu varit tillgänglig för allmänheten sedan några månader tillbaka. Produkten är fortsatt ny, och detta inlägget belyser två intressanta kommande nyheter. Applikationsleverans – MSIX App Attach Med App Attach så presenterar Microsoft en ny lösning för levereras av applikationer i en VDI-miljö. Microsoft vill gå ifrån… Read More