Invoking commands on remote machines – FAST

för 4 månader sedan

Invoking commands remotely on machines is something we must do from time to time, in many scenarios speed is a critical factor as the remote command could be in response to anything from a incident to security breach. Speed combined with large environments in the cloud with many clients/servers deallocated… Read More

Export users registry settings from NTUSER.DAT

för 11 månader sedan

In users profile folder, you find a hidden file called NTUSER.DAT. This file contains the users registry settings/values and for example it can be useful when you need to get registry settings from a corrupt profile. NTUSER.DAT will be found in the users profile folder (by default: C:\Users\% UserProfile%). Read More

Manage Kubernetes with Azure ARC

för 11 månader sedan

During Ignite there was some big news, one of them was Azure ARC. A couple of years ago Azure started to deliver Azure stack, further on Azure also provided DevOps which could be used within any environment and cloud. With Azure Arc Microsoft can also enable customers to move from… Read More

Microsoft Access Driver Query is corrupt

för 1 år sedan

INTRODUCTION Today I was involved in a particular incident where Windows Updates did its thing and broke something. This time it involved an update for Access, a database program provided by Microsoft, causing specific queries to output that they are corrupt. Due to its unclear nature at first, I thought I would write a quick blog post and hopefully spare other system administrators from at least some amount of head scratching. Read More

Basic Troubleshooting in Windows 10

för 1 år sedan

In my role I receive a lot of incidents that needs to be solved. My mission is firstly to restore the service back to normal. Once the service is back to normal we can look at making any further changes so that the incident won't happen again. In this post I will focus my troubleshooting on the operating system Windows 10 and how I solve most of my cases. This is mostly focused on first line cases and pretty basic troubleshooting. Windows 10 is an operating system used in most enterprise environments that is widely known around the world. There are several different ways to troubleshoot in Windows, so lets start to list some of the basic tools you might want to use while troubleshoot. Read More

Brief walk-through of Robocopy

för 1 år sedan

I have stumbled upon technical scenarios which required special maneuvers requiring skills I did not possess. After some reading I was able to conclude that Windows environments have several ways to copy files from a to b: good old ctrl +c and ctrl +v, xcopy, Copy-Item and robocopy. Read More

ClickOnce application suddenly blocked by AppLocker Group Policy

för 1 år sedan

INTRODUCTION With the release of the Windows 7 and corresponding server operating system, the AppLocker technology has become a quintessential tool for system administrators to utilize. Thanks to it, administrators can restrict or allow end-users to run certain applications based on its publisher value, file path or even its unique file hash, all within an On-premise Domain-wide level. In other words, it is a given implementation within an enterprise environment to further defend itself from the many and various threats that can stem from executing suspicious programs. In this post however, I would like to share an isolated issue in which an already known application was suddenly blocked by an AppLocker Group Policy and how it being a ClickOnce executable required some creative thinking right on the spot. Read More

Virtual attendance to Microsoft Build 2019

för 1 år sedan

New features and cool stuff – Microsoft 365, Office 365, Azure, Edge, Windows 10, and everything else Microsoft There are so many cool things you can do with new types of disruptive technology that was not even imaginable a decade ago. Impressive progress has been made across several… Read More

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 1903

för 1 år sedan

Citrix announced their new release Virtual Apps and Desktops 1903 on 28th of March and it contains a lot of interesting changes in all categories along with a long list of fixed issues. I will cover two of the changes in this blog-post which I found extra interesting, and that… Read More

Simplify removing of distributed content with the help of Powershell

för 1 år sedan

Begin TLDR; Go to the Process block. Ever since I first got introduced to Powershell, I have always tried to come up with ways to include, facilitate and apply it to my my everyday tasks. But for me, using Powershell in combination with SCCM has never been the… Read More