News in Teams for Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure

för 1 år sedan | Robert Skyllberg

Microsoft recently announced the official support of running Microsoft Teams on Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). In addition to this, Citrix was announced as the single certified ”Partner” for running Microsoft Teams on VDI, as the solution uniquely provides Audio/Video optimizations on (Citrix) Virtual Apps and Desktops. Microsoft and Citrix has… Read More

"Authroization or Customer header is unavailable" while working with Citrix Cloud API

för 1 år sedan | Vikingur Saemundsson

While working with the Citrix Cloud monitor service is amazing, it is also quite unpredictable and we often experience bugs without any notice. The latest one is related to paging, where the nextLink is presented as http instead of https, which breaks recursive searches. Now this is not the hardest… Read More

Printers disappeared in Devices and Printers

för 1 år sedan | Jonas Agblad

I recently troubleshooted an weird issue related to ”Devices and Printers” in an Citrix environment, I was really confused on why this suddenly started showing, and I do not yet know the reason behind it. But fortunately I found a solution, or workaround, call it whatever you want. Se in… Read More

Issues using Microsoft DirectAccess with Citrix Cloud

för 1 år sedan | Jonas Agblad

When migrating a Customer to Citrix Cloud I encountered a specific issue I had problem with finding the correct answer to when searching the internet. It’s an problem we solved long ago but when we migrated to Citrix Cloud we realized we could not solve it like before. Take a… Read More

Chrome tabs hang or crash with white screen

för 1 år sedan | Gus Johansson

EDIT/UPDATE: The case seems to be resolved: Today we experienced major problems with the application Google Chrome in multi-user environments such as Citrix XenDesktop 7 (according to community forum IT-administrators are seeing this in many different types of environments, RDS, XenApp, XenDesktop, with different hypervisors, different… Read More

Netscaler – Configure Kerberos Authentication + LDAP Group/Attribute Extraction to achieve SSO for internal users

för 1 år sedan | Rasmus Kindberg

SSO to Netscaler hosted web services for internal users: A request we receive from time to time from our Netscaler customers is that they would prefer internal users (users connected to the company’s LAN/Wifi or through VPN) to automatically get SSO when they browse to a load… Read More

Login statistics with Director and Excel

för 1 år sedan | Gus Johansson

Summary: Article describing how to extract data from Director and manipulating it in Excel for insights in your Citrix Enviroment.  Version of Director: 1906.1.0 Build 21 In the book From Control to Drift: The Dynamics of Corporate Information Infrastructures i was introduced to the term of transparency when it comes to… Read More

Netscaler – Customizing messages when using "Enhanced authentication feedback" with RfWebUI Theme

för 1 år sedan | Rasmus Kindberg

Some customers want to be able to provide more feedback to users when, for some reason, their logon to Netscaler fails or if the new password they specify during password change does not meet the AD’s password complexity requirements. Citrix has published the article that specifies how you… Read More

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 1909

för 1 år sedan | Robert Skyllberg

Autumn is around the corner and Citrix has blessed our cold season with a new release of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Below is a selection of changes implemented in release 1909: Director & Studio Machine Catalog tags Note: Only configurable from within PowerShell Delivery Group – Maximum delay timer… Read More

Citrix ADC autoscale in AWS with terraform and Azure Pipelines

för 1 år sedan | Simon Gottschlag

Citrix has released a feature that makes it possible to autoscale your Citrix ADCs (previously NetScaler) in AWS using their Citrix Application Delivery Management. You can read more about this feature here. The overview from Citrix looks like this: We have been using… Read More