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3 years ago

Short version: Windows Updates causing BSOD on PVS Master Device after updating XenServer PV Storage Host Adapter.

During a ”regular” updates session running Windows Updates on two master devices for a PVS farm I faced a blue screen of death with the following error message:

Immediately one started to blame the complexity of PVS (compared to MCS) to cause problems with components. After some investigation and a couple of snapshots and reverts later I could conclude:

Windows Update worked fine and updated the master device as usual. After the Windows Updates where finished I was prompted with the following:

This restart was resulting in the BSOD seen in the first picture. The resolution was to remove and upgrade the XenTools/Guest VM Tools as can be seen below:

I removed both Citrix Hypervisor PV Tools and Citrix XenServer Windows Management Agent. I then downloaded the latest Citrix VM Tools (9.1.5) and installed. I could then create a vDisk and publish the changes as per normal = problem fixed. The steps where:

  1. Revert to working Snapshot
  2. Windows Updates
  3. Prompted to restart machine due to ”XenServer PV Storage Host Adapter” > Press No
  4. Uninstall Hypervisor PV Tools & XenServer Windows Management Agent
  5. Install latest VM Tools
  6. Restart and everything is working.

I am a bit bummed that I could not identify and isolate a very detailed cause. It is likely that this is caused by the PV Tools updating either Storage or Network adapter.

The setup was accordingly:


Master Device: Server 2016 Standard

XenServer: 7.1 CU2

Please feel free to comment with any other findings you may have stumbled upon whilst facing this.


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