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5 years ago

Finally! The FSLogix agent has been released from Microsoft and can be downloaded here. This is great news, the new agent does not require a license so if your license is about to end, or you simply would like to implement the technology you are now able to!

Documentation and guides

You are also able to access all guides and documentation through Microsoft, so you will quickly get started with the various technologies. I really recommend getting to know the products, it will in many cases help you solve some problems you and your users have struggled with!
If you are stuck with an older version of FSLogix for whatever reason and cannot update, you can use this license Key: MSFT0-YXKIX-NVQI4-I6WIA-O4TXE

If you curious about FSLogix and what it can do for you, don´t hesitate to contact us! We have worked with this technology for quite a while now and have good idea when you could benefit from it.

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