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4 years ago

I’ve had an Ansible playbook to deploy and configure Azure Kubernetes Service on GitHub for a while, and now I’ve gotten around to add Citrix ingress controller!
You can read my other blogpost about the playbook here.
Citrix has a Kubernetes controller to read ingress objects and their own CRDs (rewrite for example, which isn’t only used for rewrites). It is used to configure the Citrix ADC CPX (previously NetScaler CPX) in a cloud native fashion:
CPX Ingress
You can read more about the the Citrix ingress controller here, or here for more information about the Azure Kubernetes Service use case.
I’ve now added it to the Ansible playbook and you can try it right away. More information is avaiable in the readme on GitHub.
Happy hacking and feel free to leave a comment or question here or on GitHub!

Tags : AKS, Azure Kubernetes Service, CIC, Citrix ADC, Citrix ADC CPX, Citrix ingress controller, CPX, CRD, ingress, NetScaler, NetScaler CPX

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