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6 years ago

Microsoft released the next feature update on April 30th 2018 that we all have been waiting for. The Spring Creators update (Version 1803) for Windows 10.
It comes with a bunch of new features and I will list some of them that you can benefit from in a deployment perspective.

Windows Autopilot
Now enables locking the device during provisioning during the Windows Out Of Box Experience (OOBE) until policies and settings for the device get provisioned.
This means that by the time the user gets to the desktop, the device is secured and configured correctly and can be used right away.
Windows 10 in S mode
The new Windows 10 mode suitable for affordable, cloud-ready devices that offers simple, secure and efficient use for tailored solutions like kiosk, digital sign and task work.
In S mode you will get the following features:

Windows Setup
The ability to control BitLocker under setup with the following commands:

Setup.exe /BitLocker AlwaysSuspend
    – Always suspend Bitlocker during upgrade.
Setup.exe /BitLocker TryKeepActive
    – Enable upgrade without suspending Bitlocker, but if upgrade does not work then suspend Bitlocker
      and complete the upgrade.
Setup.exe /BitLocker ForceKeepActive
    – Enable upgrade without suspending Bitlocker, but if upgrade does not work, fail the upgrade.

OS uninstall period
Control the OS uninstall period with Intune or DISM.

DISM /Online /Initiate-OSUninstall
    – Initiates a OS uninstall to take the computer back to the previous installation of windows.
DISM /Online /Remove-OSUninstall
    – Removes the OS uninstall capability from the computer.
DISM /Online /Get-OSUninstallWindow
    – Displays the number of days after upgrade during which uninstall can be performed.
DISM /Online /Set-OSUninstallWindow
    – Sets the number of days after upgrade during which uninstall can be performed.

Windows 10 Subscription Activation
Now supports Inherited Activation that allows Windows 10 virtual machines to inherit activation state from their Windows 10 host.
Feature update improvements
Reduced the time it takes to install the feature update with up to 63% from the Creators Update.

Read more about the newest version here.
Very important to notice is the features that Microsoft has removed or not developing anymore. Please see this article for all information about that.

Our recommendation is to download this update right now and deploy it to your designated test group. This is an important step to find out if any of your business applications have compatibility issues with the new feature update so you take actions as fast as possible. When you are done with the testing and the feature update (1803) goes Business Ready (usually in a couple of months), you are ready to roll out the update to the rest of the company so everyone can take benefit of the new features.

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