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6 years ago

On Microsoft Ignite this year I learned that we are going from a classic workplace to a modern workplace. Microsoft refer to this as the digital transformation and that require us to change the way we manage our environments today. The characteristics of traditional PC management is on-premise infrastructure, high control with Configuration Manager/GPOs and business-owned devices while the characteristics of mobile device management is cloud services, a simpler IT process and BYOD.
Microsoft suggest that a new organization should go cloud-first, while existing companies should go for one of the other methods, like the Big Switch Transition or the Group by Group Transition. The paths to modern management is illustrated by this picture:

One of the most common ways for companies to follow this path will be with a new management feature called Co-management. This feature uses a combination of Configuration Manager and Intune so the transition to the modern workplace can be done by an iterative way instead of switching to a cloud based management right away, like the Big Switch Transition illustrated above.

Another reason for using Co-Management is because Intune doesn’t have all the existing ConfigMgr policies and settings available yet, something that Microsoft is currently working on to bring more features and functionality into Intune. A good way to check which policies and settings that can be replaced with Intune in your existing environment is to use a tool called MMAT. Like the picture below illustrates you will get a report stating which policies and settings you can replace with Intune. Note that the report doesn’t care about the order or precedence of the policies and settings.

A computer managed by Co-management can be managed both by on-premise ConfigMgr and cloud based Intune. Like I mentioned before, Microsoft is currently working towards bringing more settings and policies into Intune to extend the MDM capabilities for the cloud based management. Some of those new features are shown below.

To get more information about the transition to the modern management, please read Microsofts documentation here.

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