Chrome tabs hang or crash with white screen

för 1 år sedan | Gus Johansson

EDIT/UPDATE: The case seems to be resolved: Today we experienced major problems with the application Google Chrome in multi-user environments such as Citrix XenDesktop 7 (according to community forum IT-administrators are seeing this in many different types of environments, RDS, XenApp, XenDesktop, with different hypervisors, different… Read More

Powershell in the Cloud – Part 1 – Azure Automation – Managing your Infrastructure from the Cloud

för 1 år sedan | Vikingur Saemundsson

I recently held a talk about Powershell in the Cloud in Powershell User Group Sweden, this 3 part series is an attempt to refine and expand on that talk. The series will focus on the functionality rather than the code behind it as I want the content to be accessible… Read More

Printix – The Secure Cloud Print Management Solution

för 1 år sedan | Tobias Sandberg

Are you looking for a new print solution that will work for a modern workplace? A solution that will let you get rid of those nasty on-premise print servers? A solution that will make print management more easy and fun? Look no further, you just found one!… Read More

What is FSLogix Cloud Cache?

för 1 år sedan | Jonas Agblad

Background Last year FSLogix released its award winning (at Citrix Synergy) technology Cloud Cache, and I for one was very curious about what this meant and what I could use it for. The fact that is was included in the license for Office 365 Container and Profile Container was a… Read More

Keep your FSLogix VHD-files optimized

för 1 år sedan | Jonas Agblad

Background When using either or both of FSLogix products Office 365 Containers and Profile containers you will have quite large VHD-files. However you could for example in Office 365 Container limit the size when specifying the Outlook cache limit but non the less it will require quite large storage space. Since the standard and… Read More

Why does Teams not install for my users?

för 1 år sedan | Jonas Agblad

Microsoft released in October last year a MSI-installation package of Teams, making it easy to deploy Teams to computers in your organization. As you know Teams (for some unknown reason) installs directly into your profile. I suspect they have designed it this way to make sure everyone can install the… Read More

Teams in your Multi-user environment done right!

för 2 år sedan | Jonas Agblad

Microsoft Teams is on the rise, more and more businesses is seeing the potential of Teams and want a piece of the action. Unfortunately Microsoft Teams is not ideally designed to work on a Multi-user environment like Citrix Xenapp or Microsoft Remote Desktop services. It is entirely installed in… Read More

HTML5 Web Client for Remote Desktop Services 2016

för 2 år sedan | Jan Frick

Microsoft recently announced that the new HTML5 client for Remote Desktop Services has reached general availability. The new web client lets users access the Remote Desktop infrastructure using a modern browser that supports HTML5. Requirements & Installation Microsoft have a great article explaining the requirements and how to get started… Read More

Flickering Desktop Icons and re-directed folders

för 2 år sedan | Viktor Glinski

This blog post will only cover a scenario with Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and re-directed folders where flickering icons appear. Other solutions may apply to different scenarios. Since the release of Windows 10 / Server 2016 and their different releases 1607, 1703, 1709 and… Read More

Nyheter på väg till RDS 2016

för 3 år sedan | Jan Frick

Microsoft presenterade tidigare i höstas nyheter som är på väg till Remote Desktop Services (RDS) 2016. Det är några stora förändringar på gång som är viktiga att känna till, och detta inlägg sammanfattar några av de nyheter som ska komma inom kort. Infrastruktur I en traditionell RDS infrastruktur måste alla… Read More