RfWebUI idle timeout

för 3 år sedan

There seems to be an issue with the idle timeout in RfWebUI (verified in NetScaler version 12.0) and I’ve created a workaround until it is solved. It is all based on a JavaScript that checks if the user is logged on, if logged on it starts a timer and… Read More

Remove "Password 2" from RfWebUI

för 3 år sedan

Update: Seems like the first method actually removes a password field when changing password. This shouldn’t do that: add rewrite action RWA-RES-REMOVE_2ND_PASSWORD replace_all "HTTP.RES.BODY(99999)" "\"\\r\\n\"+\n\"<style type=\\\"text/css\\\">\\r\\n\"+\n\"[for=\\\"passwd1\\\"] { display: none;}\\r\\n\"+\n\"#passwd1 { display: none; }\\r\\n\"+\n\"</style>\\r\\n\"+\n\"\\r\\n\"+\n\"</body>\\r\\n\"+\n\"</html>\\r\\n\"" -search "text(\"</body>\n</html>\")" add rewrite policy RWP-RES-REMOVE_2ND_PASSWORD "HTTP.REQ.URL.PATH_AND_QUERY.SET_TEXT_MODE(IGNORECASE).EQ(\"/logon/LogonPoint/index.html\")" RWA-RES-REMOVE_2ND_PASSWORD bind vpn vserver <NSGW VSERVER> -policy RWP-RES-REMOVE_2ND_PASSWORD -priority… Read More

Prepopulate username with NetScalers RfWebUI

för 3 år sedan

We’ve been seeing an issue with AAA in front of ADFS where credentials entered at the service provider (Office 365 for example) doesn’t populate the username in the NetScaler login, which works with ADFS. This isn’t the biggest issue, but something that makes it annoying to use AAA instead of… Read More

Manually configuring Unified Gateway

för 4 år sedan

I’m writing this post in English to make it easier for our non-Swedish readers. I’m going to try and explain how to configure Unified Gateway, without the wizard! I’ll try to let the commands speak for themselves, but feel free to comment if you need me to add some… Read More