Deploy separate Intune workloads to different collections (Co-management)

för 2 år sedan | Tobias Sandberg

I was looking for a way to be able to deploy a Co-management policy with only Windows Update policies workload to a specific collection. This in order to transition a smaller amount of computers (who are not a member of the already existing Pilot group) to be controlled via Intune… Read More

Move Software Updates to Intune with Co-management

för 2 år sedan | Tobias Sandberg

To move on with the transition towards Modern Management we can use Co-management in ConfigMgr to decide where settings are coming from. In this specific scenario we will do a switch from Software Updates via ConfigMgr to Intune controlled Software Updates for one test client. I will show you the… Read More

New modern management features

för 3 år sedan | Tobias Sandberg

On Microsoft Ignite this year I learned that we are going from a classic workplace to a modern workplace. Microsoft refer to this as the digital transformation and that require us to change the way we manage our environments today. The characteristics of traditional PC management is on-premise infrastructure, high… Read More