Add you own local admin users on Azure AD devices

för 1 år sedan

Do you have issues when trying to add an account as local admin on your Azure AD Joined device? Maybe you have specific requirements regarding which accounts should be admins on your client machines and the Azure AD solution (additional local administrators on Azure AD joined devices) is not enough… Read More

Recursively search Azure Ad group members

för 3 år sedan

When working with on-premise Active Directory an administrator often has to recursively search AD groups, this is easy using the ActiveDirectory module with cmdlet "Get-AdGroupMember <Group> -Recusive". For the AzureAD equivalent this is no longer an option, the cmdlet Get-AzureADGroupMember has three parameters. PARAMETERS -All <Boolean> If true, return all group members. If false, return the number of objects specified by the Top parameter -ObjectId <String> Specifies the ID of a group in Azure AD. -Top <Int32> Specifies the maximum number of records to return. Read More