New generation of Imprivata appliances

för 2 år sedan | Jan Frick

With every major release of Imprivata’s OneSign product, they also release an updated version of the appliance the product is running on. With the release of Imprivata OneSign & Confirm ID version 6.1 this December, they also released a new generation of the appliance. This version, called generation 3 (G3),… Read More

Wireless Networking in Windows Server 2019

för 2 år sedan | Adam Clark

The other day I installed a NUC with an integrated wireless NIC. I installed Windows Server 2019 to the NUC and installed the wireless networking drivers from Intel’s website. The problem was that after I’ve installed the network drivers they didn’t work. After a lot of trial and error I… Read More

What is ReasonML and why should you care?

för 2 år sedan | Stina Perbo

ReasonML is a alternate syntax for OCaml, a language developed for more than 20 years with a strong emphasis on security and expressiveness. Read More


för 2 år sedan | Petter Vikström

When creating a new Guest Splash Page with either Anonymous, Authenticated or Facebook WiFi the users will encounter an certificate-error after authentication to the Captive Portal. This is because the users is redirected by standard to or which uses the built-in certificate contained in Aruba Central. Since you… Read More

How to manually crash your VM on a XenServer

för 2 år sedan | Jonas Agblad

Sometimes you need to simulate or provoke a crash on a Virtual Machine to either verify a problem or get a Memory Dump to have a closer look at whats is happening with the Virtual Machine. The thing is, its quite tricky to do that manually. Lucky for you there… Read More

How to handle pinned start menu apps in Windows 10

för 2 år sedan | Johan Nilsson

As I have been working with customizing Windows 10 for a while now, it has never worked against me this much. However, sometimes Windows do have its ways of working against you. With challenges like these you get the opportunity to spend a lot of time coming up with a… Read More

Create Threat Exceptions for specific traffic

för 2 år sedan | Petter Vikström

At some point you might encounter a false-positive threat that you want to make an exception for. If you know a file is safe if its downloaded from a specific place but you don’t want other files classified with the same threat ID/name to be whitelisted, you can create a… Read More

Smart Check – Monitor Your Citrix Sites

för 2 år sedan | Stina Perbo

Citrix Smart Check is a software and a service that installs on a Citrix Delivery Controller and collects diagnostic data, sends it to the Citrix Cloud account, where it gets analyzed and presented on the Citrix Cloud website. The information helps Citrix administrators to prevent and resolve issues before they… Read More

Netscaler: Resolve large http POST packets against AAA protected LB vServers

för 2 år sedan | Rasmus Kindberg

Recently while working with two customers and setting up load balancing and external access to some of their applications, I’ve encountered issues with large POST packets (either large form submits or file uploads in the web app) stop working when AAA is activated on the load balancing (LB) vServer. In… Read More

Teams in your Multi-user environment done right!

för 2 år sedan | Jonas Agblad

Microsoft Teams is on the rise, more and more businesses is seeing the potential of Teams and want a piece of the action. Unfortunately Microsoft Teams is not ideally designed to work on a Multi-user environment like Citrix Xenapp or Microsoft Remote Desktop services. It is entirely installed in… Read More