BSOD on PVS master devices after Windows Updates

för 5 månader sedan | Gus Johansson

Short version: Windows Updates causing BSOD on PVS Master Device after updating XenServer PV Storage Host Adapter. During a ”regular” updates session running Windows Updates on two master devices for a PVS farm I faced a blue screen of death with the following error message: Immediately one started to… Read More

XenServer 5.x/6.x – Update expired license

för 2 år sedan | Stina Perbo

INFORMATION If you are currently running a legacy Citrix Xenserver 5.x/6.x with a free license, be aware that you cannot renew the license by requesting a new license the old way. Trying to request a license from you will be presented with the following statement and unable to… Read More

Citrix Hypervisor 8.0

för 2 år sedan | Robert Skyllberg

25th of April Citrix published new major release 8.0 of XenServer, which now officially becomes Citrix Hypervisor. The release is added to the Current Release (CR) track and comes in handy to upcoming End of Life for formerly latest Current Release, Xenserver 7.6. Below I will shortly cover the… Read More


för 2 år sedan | Stina Perbo

Introduction PVS-Accelerator is a feature for Citrix Hypervisor (previously named XenServer). The feature utilizes the local storage and RAM on Dom0 on each Citrix Hypervisor and caches read requests from a provisioned target device. It saves network, CPU and Provisioning host disk I/O resources, effectively improving performance. Overall your storage… Read More

How to manually crash your VM on a XenServer

för 2 år sedan | Jonas Agblad

Sometimes you need to simulate or provoke a crash on a Virtual Machine to either verify a problem or get a Memory Dump to have a closer look at whats is happening with the Virtual Machine. The thing is, its quite tricky to do that manually. Lucky for you there… Read More

Automate tasks with use of XenServer Powershell Module

för 3 år sedan | Robert Skyllberg

Working with backups of your virtual machines is obviously essential. Working with exports in XenServer can some times be time consuming, particularly with bigger virtual disks attached to your virtual machine. In this scenario I will show you an alternative to manually export via XenCenter, by doing it with Powershell to an remote server using XenServer Powershell module. Read More

XenServer Hotfix XS70E004 viktig vid installation av XenServer 7.0

för 5 år sedan | Jonas Brammesjö

Vid installation av och uppgradering till XenServer 7.0 finns det en överhängande risk att data på anslutna SR blir korrupt. Citrix rekommenderar därför inte bara installation av hotfix XS70E004 som löser problemet utan skriver till och med att alla som har installerat XenServer 7.0 måste installera hotfixen. Länk till… Read More