How to deploy applications to windows using Microsoft Endpoint Manager

för 7 månader sedan | xenit

Hi there & welcome, In this post I will describe how to deploy an application using Microsoft Endpoint Manager, formerly known as Intune on a very basic level. Endpoint Manager is the cloud version of System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and is widely used by many… Read More

Missing Teams Add-In for Microsoft Outlook

för 10 månader sedan | Christopher Körner

Earlier this year we received a new customer where they wanted to migrate every user to a new O365-environment. After this I received multiple tickets from users who's Teams Add-in did not show up In their Outlook application. After countless of tries mixing different settings, new profiles and searching high and low on the interweb, I still couldn't get the add-in to show. I then stumbled across a regedit command line that solved this temporary(until Teams receives a new update). Read More

How to remove desktop icon when installing DWG TrueView 2021

för 1 år sedan | Sebastian Stegrin

I recently had a case against one of our customers asking to update their application DWG TrueView to latest version 2021. One criteria was to remove the desktop icon, and we noticed quickly that all parameters that we found from earlier versions didn't work with this version. I first tried to remove the desktop icon with a PowerShell script, but later found out that the desktop icon is created once again when you start the application for the first time. To solve this I skipped all installation parameters and just removed the Component in the MSI-file that creates the desktop icon.   Read More

Manage Kubernetes with Azure ARC

för 1 år sedan | Jimmy Dao

During Ignite there was some big news, one of them was Azure ARC. A couple of years ago Azure started to deliver Azure stack, further on Azure also provided DevOps which could be used within any environment and cloud. With Azure Arc Microsoft can also enable customers to move from… Read More

På gång med Windows Virtual Desktop

för 1 år sedan | Jan Frick

Windows Virtual Desktop har nu varit tillgänglig för allmänheten sedan några månader tillbaka. Produkten är fortsatt ny, och detta inlägget belyser två intressanta kommande nyheter. Applikationsleverans – MSIX App Attach Med App Attach så presenterar Microsoft en ny lösning för levereras av applikationer i en VDI-miljö. Microsoft vill gå ifrån… Read More

Microsoft Access Driver Query is corrupt

för 1 år sedan | Hanessa Milaszewski

INTRODUCTION Today I was involved in a particular incident where Windows Updates did its thing and broke something. This time it involved an update for Access, a database program provided by Microsoft, causing specific queries to output that they are corrupt. Due to its unclear nature at first, I thought I would write a quick blog post and hopefully spare other system administrators from at least some amount of head scratching. Read More

Google QUIC Protocol & How to block in Palo Alto

för 1 år sedan | Jimmy Dao

Google QUIC is a new protocol which is designed to make the web faster, QUIC stands for Quick UDP Internet Connection, commonly used in streaming media, VoIP services and gaming. This protocol is activated by default in Google Chrome and it’s also growing by a list of websites who have implemented this protocol. But why do we want to block this protocol in our firewalls? Most of the firewalls do not fully support or recognize QUIC traffic properly as “web traffic”, therefore it can’t log, report or inspect the traffic which is leaving us with a gap in our network’s security. I will cover a bit about QUIC and how you can secure your network by using Palo Alto Networks to block Google’s QUIC protocol. Read More

Evoko Liso – A stylish meeting room manager with the complete package!

för 1 år sedan | Hanessa Milaszewski

INTRODUCTION Working majority of my time within an office setting, I am, as well as many other office workers, very aware with the procedure of booking meetings. Quickly summarized, this amounts to opening the enterprise’s chosen collaboration tool, inviting required attendees all while ensuring that there are available meeting rooms with the suitable equipment. Believe it or not, this common practice is often set for confusion which could be one of the many reasons that a whole market for various meeting equipment exists. One of these that had their surge within their market are so called room managers, which are meant to be mounted just outside of a meeting room while often having the ability to book the desired room directly or to display its availability during the day. Recently, I have been working with Evoko Liso Room Manager and would like to share my experience with it. Read More

Attendees disappear from meeting invite in Outlook

för 2 år sedan | Oliwer Sjöberg

A few days ago I got a question from an end user that reported quite a strange issue regarding Meeting invites in Outlook. The user added a meeting room to the meeting invite, and then when the user added a distribution group to the invite, the meeting room and… Read More

ClickOnce application suddenly blocked by AppLocker Group Policy

för 2 år sedan | Hanessa Milaszewski

INTRODUCTION With the release of the Windows 7 and corresponding server operating system, the AppLocker technology has become a quintessential tool for system administrators to utilize. Thanks to it, administrators can restrict or allow end-users to run certain applications based on its publisher value, file path or even its unique file hash, all within an On-premise Domain-wide level. In other words, it is a given implementation within an enterprise environment to further defend itself from the many and various threats that can stem from executing suspicious programs. In this post however, I would like to share an isolated issue in which an already known application was suddenly blocked by an AppLocker Group Policy and how it being a ClickOnce executable required some creative thinking right on the spot. Read More