Converting output from a NoSql database to joined and structured CSV in Powershell

för 7 månader sedan | Vikingur Saemundsson

I was tasked to export data from Microsoft Graph about users to CSV in order to build reports in Qlickview. The problem I had was that the user object in Microsoft Graph are polymorphic, meaning that the output we get are not required to have the same properties for… Read More

Running Linux inside Windows 10 with Visual Studio Code

för 8 månader sedan | Vikingur Saemundsson

Like most of the users in the world, I’m running a Managed Window 10 client, we enforce many polices such as applocker and more to enforce policies. This can sometimes be an problem when working with developer tools. Due to this problem businesses often look the other way when it… Read More

Invoking commands on remote machines – FAST

för 9 månader sedan | Vikingur Saemundsson

Invoking commands remotely on machines is something we must do from time to time, in many scenarios speed is a critical factor as the remote command could be in response to anything from a incident to security breach. Speed combined with large environments in the cloud with many clients/servers deallocated… Read More

Securing Onedrive – Cleaning up unwanted sharing permissions

för 1 år sedan | Vikingur Saemundsson

OneDrive for Business is great! The administration tools provided is not! If you’re still reading you might agree with me when I say that Sharepoint Online admin center is far from the best experience when administrating anything related to OneDrive. Luckily we have access to everything we might need… Read More

"Authroization or Customer header is unavailable" while working with Citrix Cloud API

för 1 år sedan | Vikingur Saemundsson

While working with the Citrix Cloud monitor service is amazing, it is also quite unpredictable and we often experience bugs without any notice. The latest one is related to paging, where the nextLink is presented as http instead of https, which breaks recursive searches. Now this is not the hardest… Read More

Powershell in the Cloud – Part 2 – Azure Function App – Creating HTTP APIs with Powershell

för 1 år sedan | Vikingur Saemundsson

This is the second post of the Powershell in the Cloud series, and will focus on executing Powershell code from Azure Function App. If you haven’t read part 1, I highly recommend it as we will be referencing to it PART 1 – Azure Automation – Managing your Infrastructure… Read More

Powershell in the Cloud – Part 1 – Azure Automation – Managing your Infrastructure from the Cloud

för 1 år sedan | Vikingur Saemundsson

I recently held a talk about Powershell in the Cloud in Powershell User Group Sweden, this 3 part series is an attempt to refine and expand on that talk. The series will focus on the functionality rather than the code behind it as I want the content to be accessible… Read More

Querying Microsoft Graph with Powershell, the easy way

för 2 år sedan | Vikingur Saemundsson

Edit: There is now a Github page for this project Microsoft Graph is a very powerful tool to query organization data, and it’s also really easy to do using Graph explorer but it’s not built for automation. While the concept I’m presenting in this blogpost… Read More

Automating delimiter selection when working with Csv cmdlets

för 2 år sedan | Vikingur Saemundsson

Recently I walked passed a collegue with an error on his Powershell console which peaked my interest. He quickly noted that he had chosen the wrong delimiter for the Csv he imported which resulted in errors in the code, I then jokingly said ”Why don’t you just use the ’Get-CsvDelimiter’… Read More

Datetime and RFC3339 compliance in powershell – a deepdive

för 2 år sedan | Vikingur Saemundsson

A collegue of mine asked if there is a way to output a RFC compliant datetime ( in powershell without manually formatting in T and Z in the middle and end to comply with ISO standard and imply UTC +-00:00   Before i start with the how, I’d… Read More